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Audit information needs to be sent to both Virginia PTA and HCPS after it has been completed
Below is the their contact information

Virginia PTA State Office:
Scan and Email to: info@vapta.org
OR mail hard copy to:
Irene Smith
Administrative Assistant, Virginia PTA
1027 Wilmer Ave.
Richmond, VA 23227

HCPS Internal Audit Office:
Scan and Email to:
and copy macooley@henrico.k12.va.us
OR mail hard copy to:
Sharlene A. Wrenn, CPA, Director of Internal Audit
Henrico County Public Schools
P.O. Box 23120
Henrico, VA 23223

Treasurer Month by Month Checklist


* Keep control of all financial documents.

* Maintain accurate records on receipts and deposits.

* Reconcile bank statement

* Have bank reconciliation verified by non-signatory.

* Provide receipts for donations.

* Analyze budget for possible need for amendments.

* Prepare and present treasurer report for each board meeting and general membership meeting.


* Take over all financial records once the audit is completed and presented to the board for approval.

* Go over the books and set up files to suit your preference.

* Establish procedures for reimbursements, paying bills, and money handling within guidelines and present to board for approval.

* Solicit input on what projects and programs will need funding in the proposed budget.

* Using audit report, the year-end financial report, and funding request work with the budget committee to formulate a proposed budget.

* Present budget proposal to the board for approval.

* Provide start up cash needed for Open House/Orientation.

* Ensure insurance premium is paid.

* Attend training


* Verify membership dues deposit amounts with membership chair.

* Present audit report to general membership for approval. After approval send a copy to VA PTA.

* Present proposed budget to general membership for approval.

* Distribute copies of approved budget to all board members.

* Provide start up cash needed for Back to School Night.

* Mail in first membership dues payment to VA PTA.


* Continue to verify membership dues deposits with membership chair.

* Prepare and submit the appropriate Form 990. Send copy to VA PTA.

* Apply for 501(c)(3) Determination Letter

* Make sure Virginia Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is current.


* Ensure all dues collect to this point have been paid to VA PTA prior to December 1.


* Analyze the budget to see if any amendments need to be presented to the general membership for approval (any amounts over $300).


* Make sure all budget amendments over $300 have been presented to the general membership for approval.

* Send notice to everyone that may have outstanding receipts to turn in reimbursement request.

* Make sure all minutes needed (those showing audit and budget approval and any approval of budget amendments) are in the financial records for audit.

* Make sure the board has approved an audit committee or auditor.


* Prepare financial files for audit

* Present financial files for audit

* Schedule transition meeting with incoming treasurer to turn over records.

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