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Henrico County Council Dues Information

HCCPTA Dues are due on or before 12/1 for the school year.

To be in good standing all PTAs and PTSAs are required to submit dues to Henrico County Council of PTAs postmarked by December 1st each year. The amount you should pay is 10 cents per member for the number of members as of June 30th. Dues forms were emailed to PTA Treasures and/or PTA Presidents the last week of October.  If you have any questions, please contact Kerry Turner, HCCPTA Treasurer, at treasurer@hccpta.com
Local units may also use this form to include a donation to the HCCPTA Moody Scholarship Program.

One check can be written for both your dues and scholarship donations.  Please remember that our only fundraiser for the Moody Scholarship Fund is your donations.  Thank you in advance!


Virginia PTA Dues Information

For units to be in good standing, state dues must be submitted and postmarked by December 1st to the State Office. Membership dues should also be submitted again on March 1st for memberships paid on or after December 1st, and on June 30th for memberships paid on or after March 1st. When remitting dues to the State Office, State and National membership dues should be included in one check payable to the Virginia PTA in the amount of $3.75 per individual (National $2.25/member and State $1.50/member). It is the responsibility of Virginia PTA to remit dues to National PTA monthly. Please pay council dues directly to the council.


Where Your Dues Go


For any questions regarding the membership cards please contact Sharita Bryant at membership@hccpta.com or the National PTA at membership@pta.org

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